Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let the holiday traditions begin...

Today is the day my company has our Christmas luncheon and the gift I bought for our white elephant gift exchange is super lame (deck of cards), but I’m sure it will be fine for the $5 limit we had.

White elephant is a classic tradition and a very good one at that, because it involves choice, it prevents people from spending a fortune and every one gets a gift.

When I was growing up, we had a few traditions at home. We always went as a family to Mike’s Farm on the North Carolina coast to have freshly pressed cider, pick out the perfect Christmas tree and peruse the festively scented gift shop. Although this tradition has faded away with time and the act of our moving to Georgia when I was 14, we have retained the tradition of each opening one gift on Christmas Eve (my brother and I always exchange our gifts to each other on this night).

I’ve also developed the special tradition of a Christmas Eve breakfast with my friends each year, followed by always watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation… and going to see a film with my friends at the movie theater every year on Christmas night.

Since this is my second Christmas with my husband, our traditions are still developing- but one we do have is watching a documentary on the star of Bethlehem every year (yes, we are a little nerdy, I guess).

I love traditions. They bring a warmth, excitement and anticipation each year that is very special.

So what are your holiday traditions? Do you have any typical or rare traditions you would like to share?

Yesterday, I had:

1 bowl of gluten free corn flakes with almond milk
1 small order of fries (yeah, I was on the road)
½ roasted eggplant sandwich
½ pita with hummus
10 chlorella tablets
2 cups green juice (cucumber, kale, bok choy, lemon) blended with fresh coconut water
Vinegar slaw
Cornbread made with water
Creamed corn
1 cup brown rice cereal with almond milk (loving late night cereal lately)
1 tsp bee pollen
6 cups of water

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