Thursday, March 8, 2012

48 Day Raw Food Cleanse: Day 16-- Breaking the Juice Fast

Hey we broke the juice fast today after completing 15 days! We broke the fast with prunes that we soaked overnight, which was a good, gentle choice for waking up our digestive system. First we drank the soak water and followed it up with our first prune. Below is a picture of us "cheers"-ing our prunes before we officially broke the fast. :) We each had our own jar of prunes (9 ounces of prunes each) but neither of us has been able to finish our jar so far. There may be a few left for tomorrow.
My energy today has been a lot done and my focus has been so clear. This evening, I've been putting together recipes and plans for our future raw food meals--so excited! For the next couple of days, we'll be staying away from nuts and seeds to keep from overwhelming our systems... but I have lots of other ideas to work around that!

So... after completing 15 days of just juice, how do we feel? We both feel pretty great! I lost 10 pounds of unwanted fat and David lost around 16. I have no more headaches and as I said before, all of my medical issues have virtually disappeared! Also, I have not mentioned this before but I'm sure a lot of females will be interested in this. I had my period during the fast, which was normal in every way except for one little (big) detail: I had no menstrual cramps whatsoever! First time in my LIFE that has happened! I'm sure as we continue with the raw food, we'll be seeing and feeling other positive changes, and I'll keep you posted!




  1. Your blogs have been very interesting Kelly! I don't think I could eat an entire jar of prunes or I would be a permanent guest on my porcelain throne. I have started with cutting out carbs for dinner and dropping soft drinks for water and green tea....although I have been guilty of a cherry coke zero in the mornings at work the last couple of days. I can't figure out how to wake myself up in the morning without caffeine unless I start eating a ton of carbs in the mornings to get my energy level back up. Gotta start somewhere I suppose. You are doing a great job and good luck on finishing off that jar of prunes.

  2. Sounds like it has been a very interesting time so far. Cant wait to hear more. I think the prunes would kill my system after juice fasting for so long!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I got the soaked prunes idea from Angela Stokes Monarch's Juice Feaster's Handbook. She juice fasted for 92 days and broke her fast with prunes. She suggests them because they are easy to digest and they get your bowels moving. They definitely do have a super laxative effect, but we saw that as kind of a good thing after having no fiber for 15 days. :)

  4. ...and Lauren, I definitely know what you are saying about the caffeine thing... I had a really hard time getting off caffeine--it's a big struggle!