Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 13: Why Our 48 Day Juice Fast is Changing to a 48 Day Juice Fast/Raw Food Project

Hi all! David and I are closing out the 13th day of our fast!

...But we have made a decision. We are shortening our 48 day juice fast project. We had been considering doing this for the past couple of days for a few reasons:

1. I recovered completely from my health problems, and that was the goal!
2. Even with supplementation, we no longer feel like we are thriving on the fast. Energy has been mostly down the past couple of days and we have been feeling lightheaded...some may say this is due to detox but this feeling is affecting our productivity , which we cannot afford owning our own business.
3. We believe that since we are at a healthy weight at this point and feeling well, we can finish out our cleanse effectively with a 100% raw food diet until the end of Lent.
4. Green juices are starting to taste bad to us. This has never happened to me, but I feel like this is my body telling me to add something or make a change.

So, after some prayer and thought today, along with a talk with a couple of our friends who have done long term juice fasting in the past, we decided to change our plan.

We will juice fast until day 15, meaning we'll break the fast on Thursday. The remainder of the 48 days, we will be eating an all raw vegan diet (raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds). This is still a challenge, since we both love our cooked food and we will be seriously healing our bodies with all raw sustenance.

This decision, by the way, does not mean that you can't do a longer fast if it feels right... 48 days just did not turn out to be right for us at this time. I really struggled with this idea at first, because I felt like I was kind of failing at the juice fast. I also didn't want to let hopeful peeps in the blogosphere down...but when it comes down to it, I need to think about achieving optimum health for my body. So I guess you could say there is a good lesson in this experience thus far: PAY ATTENTION TO CUES FROM YOUR BODY!

Hope you still follow and enjoy. After my next two juicy updates, I'll be sharing how we break the fast and look out for some awesome rawsome recipes after the fast is successfully broken! :)



  1. You arent letting anyone down. You would be letting us down if you continued the fast and something happened to you.

    I think you are doing the right thing by listening to your body.

    And you arent failing. You still have a huge challenge to complete!

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks! It still feels weird to have made the change... but we are very confident it is the right choice. I know I can get creative with the raw food too so it will be exciting. I really appreciate your encouragement!

  3. No let down felt here. I completely support your choice and trusting your intuitions is always the best outcome. Keep us posted on how your both are feeling. I have done juice fasts and ended earlier then planed for the same reasons. Its a tough decision you both just made.

  4. Thanks for listening to your body!! Way to accomplish everything early. Over achiever. <3

  5. Thanks Mike and Rebeka! David and I broke the fast this morning (details on that coming later today) and we feel really good about it! :)