Friday, March 2, 2012

48 Day Juice Fast: Day 10-- New Juice Discoveries, Spirulina & What Else Do You Want to Know?

We're in the double digits today! I'm actually closing out the day with some coconut water. After I got my work done today, I headed to Juices Wild. I grabbed some MSM caplets and a couple of young Thai coconuts. While there, I tried a couple new juice combos. The first one was peach/apple/orange mixed with a little aloe vera juice, which was great. Then I tried cucumber/kiwi/peach. Loved this one--really refreshing and filling combination.

So, David has been hating the chlorella supplementation (it is very strong due to it's very high chlorophyll content). I asked Dan at Juices Wild about this and he suggested trying Spirulina instead. He gave me a couple of samples of Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica brand spirulina to take home and try, since I've never actually had spirulina. It really is a lot lighter on the palate and David liked it better.
If you are unfamiliar with the health benefits of spirulina, check them out in this video:

Thus far, I've been sharing what comes to mind along the way with this juice fast...but I'm curious as to what you guys want to know about this journey. If you feel so inclined, please comment this time with questions you want addressed and I'll give it my best shot in future posts. ;)

Today we enjoyed watermelon/lime juice, kale/cabbage/apple/lemon/cucumber juice, carrot/apple/ginger juice and as I mentioned earlier, the two awesome combinations from Juices Wild.

Day 10 is done! See you next time!



  1. Hey Kelly, I'm enjoying your updates sooo much! I'm going to be offline for a week but know I'll be thinking of you and excited to see how you are doing when I get back online! Go Kelly & David, GO! :>) Denise!

  2. Kelly, thank you so much sharing! This blog is INSPIRATIONAL. I will began my journey this Monday, I am in the planning stages now. I truly believe one of the keys to successfully completing the fast is organization and you have shared some helpful tips. THANK YOU, THANKS YOU, THANK YOU! "supermodelle"

  3. I am learning so much from your blog. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get a juicer and do a shorter fast to reset my body. I really commend you on how long your fast is!

  4. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and encouragement! Best wishes to you all in your future journeys!