Wednesday, February 22, 2012

48 Day Juice Fast: Day 1 Complete!

My husband, David and I have now officially finished a full day of drinking just fresh fruit and veggie juices!

Below is a link to the first video of us talking about our first day and what we hope to get from this.

48 Day Juice Fast: Day 1

One thing we forgot to share in this video is how we felt today. David says he felt pretty normal today and never felt hungry. I felt pretty normal too... except I was a bit more tired than usual...and I'm feeling a little detox queasiness coming on right now.

Someone commented on my post yesterday that they would like to know what kinds of juices we are drinking, so here is a rundown of what we had today:
Morning: carrot, apple, ginger (one 16 oz. glass each)
Lunch and mid afternoon: kale, cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger (two 16 oz. glasses each--to one of these I added chlorella powder and flax oil)
Dinner: pineapple (one 16 oz. glass each)

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